Concept Design

I love to not only fabricate exhibits but participate in the concept and design of them as well. The following are case studies of projects that I’ve created. I invite you to download the slides I presented for the Exhibition Design Intensive. You will find mood boards, sketches, and the general “look and feel” of each of the projects.

Caliphash Booth

In June 2021, I took part in an exhibition design intensive through the Pratt Institute. For this project, we were asked to design an eyewear tradeshow booth for the MIDO expo in Milan, Italy. I chose to represent the South Korean brand Calipash, and aimed to capture the brand’s dark and often intense marketing style.

Multi Sensory Room

My third assignment for the Pratt Institute’s design intensive was to utilize shipping containers to create a mobile space with a theme of our choice. I’ve had interest in multi-sensory environments for a while now and the mental health benefits they offer. I picture the space being utilized by hospitals and schools as a relaxing space for those who may need a change of environment or be overwhelmed.

Talking Heads Exhibit

My first project with the Pratt Institute was to create an exhibit for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. I chose to create an exhibit for one of my favorite bands, The Talking Heads. With this exhibit I designed separate spaces that each represented a different song from the band’s discography.

Guava Island Stage

My final project with the Pratt Institute was to create a unique performance space. Guava Island is a musical film that takes place on a fictitious Caribbean island that’s predominantly based on Cuban culture. The space would be used for a music theatre adaptation of the film. I pulled inspiration for the stage from the Callejon de Hamel, a beautiful Cuban street famous for its colorful murals.

Sea Horse Stage

This was an element I designed and fabricated for Factory Obscura’s Mixtape exhibit. Mixtape is a permanent art installation in downtown Oklahoma City. The exhibit explored different sensory ways of representing specific emotions. The seahorse sculpture pictured below was included in the “Wonder” section of the exhibit.