IPW: Artist Statement

“This inner world is truly infinite, in no way poorer than the outer one. Man lives in two worlds.”  -C. G. Jung

With my series Intimacy in the Physical World, I entice the viewer to reflect on the dichotomy of connection and isolation. I believe that although we achieve connection through language, physical proximity, and nonverbal communication, we often feel as if depths within us are still unable to be reached. I use methods of manifestation, such as affirmations, rituals, and prayers, as motifs throughout my work to peer into the human psyche in order to expose our inner most desires and fears. Overall, the pieces entail satirical elements of modern day self-help tactics that grapple at the darker aspects of human emotions such as feelings of despair and barely holding onto hope. There are also elements of domesticity that allude to upbringing and the use of home as a metaphor for the human psyche. Simply put, I have an interest in the human experience and the common threads between us.

This body of work is predominately made up of interactive installations that suggest group participation. I often work with audio and video as a way to map one’s inner landscape, that is to show what it’s like to be in someone’s mind.  My audio and video pieces are later incorporated into larger installations that encourage the viewer to interact with the piece more intimately based on the size of the space. Many of the forms in this body of work have been constructed by means of digital fabrication and contain elements of physical computing and electronics, aligning Intimacy in the Physical World as more of new media based artwork.

Intimacy in the Physical World has been greatly influenced by the philosophies of psychologist Carl Jung , Dr. Brene Brown, and author David Foster Wallace. In particular, I find Jung’s concept of synchronicity to be striking and often think of its correlation to the motifs that I’m using. My work poses philosophical questions and simultaneously creates a space in which the viewer can ponder.